Genital warts in pornstars



Kazijas 2 years ago
Trump even stated as such. If you are going to fight voter fraud you start with the biggest offenders.
Doujar 2 years ago
Really, sex toy such an immature response. I understand you want to stay in the dark so you don't have to see what is staring you in the face. You can paper over all the evidence with as many different theories as you want to to stay in your safe place. I'm not going to claim that if I was an atheist I might not do that as well. I would hope I would be more honest but people become atheists or agnostic atheist or Christian atheists or atheist atheists for a number of different reasons. I have no clue yours so you are welcome to your beliefs.
Kagar 2 years ago
Very nice chut ?
Golkree 2 years ago
You are very attractiive
Kegor 2 years ago
Is there anything I can get for you? you wanna put my boots away? *instantly throws them off screen lmao

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